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Veterans War Memorial Collections

Civil War

Part of the Civil War collection at the museum includes a Model 1862 single action 44 caliber revolver, a "Day Today" diary, and letter that were sent home. The gun diary and letter were carried by Dwight H. Cole, a sargeant in the Union Army. Also part of the collection is an original 100 Day Enlistment document that is signed by Abraham Lincoln.

World War I

The World War I collection contains a stewn whistle known as a "Whip-Poor-Will" which was removed from a steam-locomotive in France. This breath-taking collection also includes signal flags, binoculars, aviation goggles, a calvary sword, Ingersoll Trunk pocket watch and chain dated 1916.

World War II

The Tupelo Veteran's Museum and Tony Lute is known for the large collection of World War II items he has accumulated over the years. A few of these items include a WWII Half Truck, a Jeep, a cannon, radios of all kinds, different types of guns, Japanese helmets, a clock from a Japanese zone that still works, a large collection of Mazi memorabilia, a pansy document signed by Adolph Hitler, a Nazi war correspondence, cameras, helmets, caps and many other one-of-a-kind items..

Korean War

Many of the items that were ued in the Korean War were left over from WWII however the Veterans Museum also includes radios, field telephones, flight suits, guns, uniforms and many other items that were used in the Korean War..

Vietnam War, The Gulf War & Iraqi War

Tony Lute is always adding items to his collections he currently has some items from the Vietname War including helmets, jackets, medals, and other items that were used by the soldiers in these conflicts. If you have an item that you believe would be an asset to the Tupelo Veteran's Museum contact us and let us know.